Paying medical bills sucks!


How it works


Take a picture

Take a picture of the bill and text it to 801.513.3197


Provide payment info

If this is your first time, we'll send you a link to securely provide your payment info.


We'll pay it!

We'll do the tedious work of going to the website, punching in the account number and paying it.


Do you store my payment info?

No. We use Stripe to charge your payment method. We only store a token that lets us charge it later. Here's how it works: 1) We pre-authorize your payment method for the amount. 2) We do the annoying work of paying it ourselves. 3) We charge your payment method for the amount plus $1.

Do you preauthorize?

Yes. Because we pay the bill ourselves, we preauthorize your payment method, pay the bill, then charge your payment method.

Can I pay with HSA?

Yes! You can add HSA as a payment method.

What the heck?

We have a team that pays these bills for you. When we've seen a payment website a few times, we write a script to pay bills on that website automatically.


$1 / bill

No more piling up bills.

No more dealing with different websites.

No more angst

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